To preserve all the advantages of the duvet stuffed with goose down, you need to follow some small tricks:

  • Ventilate every morning the bedroom to let breathe the duvet
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight to avoid damaging the product quality
  • Toss gently with regularity
  • Wash the duvet at 40°C or dry every 2-3 years
  • Avoid constant pressure
  • Put the duvet away in its cotton bag

Washing: the feather is not afraid of high temperature, but for the respect of linings and tissues is recommended that you wash in soapy water at temperatures of 30-40 degrees.

Rinsing: must be very accurate, repeat it several times to remove all traces of soap and prevent halos remain on the fabric.

Drying: the ideal is to dry in the open air, avoiding direct exposure to the summer sun. The use of the dryer is allowed to average temperatures.

Storage: during the winter period, the exposure to air for a short period favors the good maintenance of the duvet. During periods of non-use the quilt should be stored in a dry place, inside its original bag.

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