Finished Items

Beside the traditional production of inner downs, BORGO PIUMINI places the possibility to produce finished items with some production unit in the headquarter of the company.

BORGO PIUMINI is indeed capable of producing various series of sample books and collections, relying on a network of laboratories, each one specialized in a specific types of clothing.

High specialization and craft experience characterized each laboratory. They are productive lines with decades of history and they not only can fulfill the demands of the customer, but even directing proper industrialization of the product, so as to optimize time and methods.

The spreading and cutting operations can be performed with robotic instrumentation, controlled directly from the modeling center, with the possibility of email forwarding the necessary files, in any format (aspect that contributes real-time to proceed with the start of production of various models).

The entire range of feather products used for stuffing has undergone regular treatment of washing and hygienic decontamination in accordance with the Presidential Decree N°845 of 23 January 1975 and the Ministerial Decree of 10 November 1976.

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